The Player Indaba is a gathering & collaboration of the worlds leading PLAYERS to help, protect and conserve nature in the spirit and legacy of Dr. Ian Player.

Ian and Gary Player may have come from humble beginnings, but both could be characterized with an unmatched self- discipline and inner determination. Both men followed their dreams and passions, excelling in their chosen paths in life.

Ian became a globally celebrated nature conservationist, widely known as the man who saved the white rhino from extinction. Gary meanwhile became famous as the greatest international golfer, winning more than 165 professional golf tournaments, including 18 Major Championships and the career Grand Slam.

Now, the Player brothers will join  together  in name, vision, and action, to create a living legacy.

“A new generation of people who care for rhinos, wildlife, and wilderness are now taking over the baton.” – Dr. Ian Player


The Player Indaba is a world-class collaboration undertaken by Players from all walks of life, gathering together to help protect and conserve nature for the benefit of all life on earth.

PLAYER: Gary and Ian’s family name; a sportsman; a musician; a  role player  – actor; a “serious player”  – businessman and/or politician who wields influence; a person who is skilled at something; a participant

INDABA (Zulu): When people gather as a nation, village or group  to  discuss and solve an important issue, cause, or  concern; a  conference or consultation

NATURE: The natural world  as it exists without civilization, but in which humans evolved;  animals, mountains, trees or rivers; the environment in its natural state


The Player Indaba and Ian Player logos have been designed to collectively represent both Gary Player and Dr. Ian Player in a single identity that reflects the collaborative vision of both men. As Gary Player and Black Knight International work to continue Dr. Player’s legacy, the two men’s shared values and determination come together to affect positive change for the environment.

The logo device captures the essence of both Gary Player and Dr. Ian Player, both men legends in their own time. The Player Indaba logo draws on the equity of the precise style of the Gary Player logo device while also incorporating the three pointed Erythrin leaf which embodies man’s relationship with the environment as expressed by Magqubu Ntombela, Dr. Ian Player’s long-time friend and mentor.


Nature is our future, and Nature is in trouble. While there have been some success stories, the increasing impact of human numbers, greed, poverty, and extractive industries mean the challenge facing our planet has never been greater than it is now. This is not a game we can afford to lose.

The Player brothers saw this coming many decades ago. Ian dedicated his life to it with great personal sacrifice, working for wilderness, wildlife and people every day. Gary spoke out about it on every possible occasion, and raised money through events like “Birdies for Conservation,” and more.

But the destruction continues… elephants, rhino, and many species are in the throes of a human-caused extinction crisis, the scale of which has never occurred before. We need to act now to ensure a planet that is beautiful, healthy, and on which humans and all life can thrive.


The Player Indaba is a global movement which helps to create a world in which nature and humans can prosper side by side. Players for Nature contribute and/or raise funds to sustain and benefit specific nature conservation projects that are designed and run by those whom Ian mentored for years. And it only takes one day per year for each Player for Nature to help the cause.

The Player Indaba is also a legal, non-profit organisation which facilitates Player Indaba events around the world and ensures the funds raised by each Player for Nature are utilized properly. Our core conservation partners – the central, small, and talented team mentored by Ian Player – will utilize the funds, measure the impacts, and report on the results.

The Players for Nature will start as a small and focused group, perhaps as few as 10 globally. Out of this initial core group will grow a larger but select global family of Players, a movement focused on a better and wilder world for nature and people.

  1. Raise funds for the identified nature conservation projects that protect wild nature, involve people and communities, and have social benefits: Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative; World Wilderness Congress and the Wilderness Foundation Global.
  2. Create and celebrate a sustainable and enjoyable coming together of like-minded people to support key nature conservation projects.
  3. Efficiently utilize a structure and organization which facilitates and encourages raising and efficiently using funds for the benefit of identified nature projects while marketing and promoting the critical importance of nature conservation.
  4. Ensure the same structure and organization provides regular, timely, relevant and factual feedback to all involved.